Healthcare Information


Credible Coverage Notice 2020

The Local Choice – TLC 2020 Key Advantage 1000
  -Dental Options:  Comprehensive versus Preventative
  -Insurance Premium  Rates 2020-2021
  -Enrollment Form 2020-2021
  -Benefits Summary 2020-2021
  -Find an In-Network Doctor
  -Check Claims Status
  -Download Temporary ID Card
  -Personal Information Change Form
   •The Local Choice Prescription Drug Plan
   •The Local Choice – Prescription Drug Tier Listing
   •The Local Choice – Express Scripts By Mail Order Form
   •The Local Choice – Delta Dental Plan
   •The Local Choice – Blue View Vision
   •The Local Choice – Employee Assistance Program
   •The Local Choice – Member Handbook
   •The Local Choice – Live Health Online
   •Open Enrollment Period

If you have any questions regarding your employee benefits, please contact Christy Bise, HR Director, at or 276-706-8326.