Solid Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day
Information Smyth County operates a solid waste transfer station to accommodate the non-hazardous solid waste disposal needs of its residents, businesses and industries.

Smyth County's transfer station is located in the western portion of the county. The transfer station is a facility where solid waste is unloaded and temporarily stored until it is reloaded onto large transport vehicles for shipment to an out-of-County landfill for proper disposal.

The County manages eleven staffed convenience stations located throughout the County for use by citizens. Convenience stations allow citizens to drop off both household trash and recycling. The County does not charge residents to use these facilities.  

The Towns of Marion, Chilhowie and Saltville provide curbside collection within their incorporated limits.

2023 Holiday Closing Schedule
Convenience Stations:Operating hours:
Monday-Saturday 7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.
Closed on Sunday

Smyth County has several convenience stations throughout the county and listed below are their names and locations.

Locust Cove Bluegrass Trail, Rich Valley
Dickey's Knob Highway 16, Sugar Grove
Fish Hatchery Highway 16, Marion
McCready's Gap Upper Poor Valley Road, Saltville
Old Quarry Old Quarry Road, Saltville
McMullin Brown's Subdivision Road, Adwolfe
Camp Road, Camp
Wilkinson's Mill Love's Mill Road, Chilhowie
Atkins Lee Highway, Atkins
Hungry Mother Galliot Vista Drive, Marion
Old Wilderness Road Old Wilderness Road, Ceres
Illegal DumpingIllegal dumping is the disposal of waste in unauthorized areas.  It is also known as “open dumping”, “fly dumping”, and “mid-night dumping”.  Illegal dumps occur most often along isolated roadsides in remote areas of the County.  Materials often found in illegal dumps include large household appliances, tires, excess building materials, old furniture, and common household refuse.
Transfer Station:Smyth County Transfer Station
1042 Hwy 107
Chilhowie, VA  24319
Google Map
Ph.:  (276) 646-2907
Fax:  (276) 646-2100

Operating hours: Monday - Friday
7:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. 
Closed Saturdays and Sundays

  • Acceptable waste consists of municipal solid waste, tires, yard waste and scrap metal.
  • Unacceptable waste consists of hazardous waste, lead acid batteries and special waste.
Collection System Map
RecyclingThe following items can be accepted for recycling: 

Effective January 2022 we will resume our electronic recycling at the convenience stations.  Click here for a list of acceptable items.

Smyth County convenience stations are no longer accepting glass, plastic or newspapers for recycling because there is no longer a place readily available to recycle the items.  Citizens of Smyth County should include these items with their other household trash.
FEESEffective November 1st, the following fee schedule will be implemented; which can be found here
Note:  There will be a $50.00 return check fee imposed for all returned checks to the Smyth County Transfer Station.
  • Tipping $80.00 per ton
  • Tires-Less than 16 inches
  • $2.50 each
  • Tires-17 inches to 24 inches $7.50 each
  • Tires-25 inches or greater $13.25 each
  • Tires-cut or chipped $165.00 per ton
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Where can I dispose of tree limbs?
The Transfer Station accepts tree limbs.  The limbs cannot be larger than 6 inches in diameter.   Tree stumps and logs are not allowed.  However, logs can be cut up into smaller pieces for disposal.  The cost is $5.00 for a small load and $10.00 for a large load (ex. dump truck or trailer).
Where can I dispose of tires?
The Transfer Station accepts tires.
16" - $2.50 each
17" - 24" - $7.50 each
25" or more - $13.25 each 
Cut or chipped tires - $165.00 per ton
Where can I dispose of cans of paint?
The county does accept cans of paint but the paint must be completely dry.
If you do not want to wait for the paint to dry, there is a company (MXI - phone 276-628-3378) in Abingdon that will accept the paint as a liquid.  They do charge for the liquid paint disposal. 
Does the county rent containers for personal or business use?
The county does not rent containers, however we can provide you with phone numbers of companies that rent containers.
Does the county recycle metal?
Yes, the county recycles metal.  Both the Transfer Station and the convenience stations accept metal.  There are separate containers for metal located at these facilities.
Can I receive an electronic statement?
Please click here to complete the form in order to receive an electronic statement.
Can I apply for a Landfill charge account?
Please click here to apply for a Landfill charge account.