Geographical Information Systems

GIS is a way to display data that can be referenced geographically.  Data that has been stored in tables can now be displayed on a map.  The data is broken up into layers such as parcels, roads, buildings, zoning districts, etc.  


The GIS Coordinator is under the direction of the Engineering Department and performs a wide range of professional and technical work in the development, implementation, maintenance, management, and operation of the computerized geographical information system.

The GIS Office has a variety of maps for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing a map please contact the GIS Coordinator at:


-Chilhowie Street Map
-County Map
-Directions to Smyth County Courthouse
-Highest Peaks-Recreation Map
-Major Cities Surrounding Smyth
-Marion Street Map
-Smyth County & Surrounding Counties
-Smyth County Office Building
-Smyth County Tourism
-Strategic Locaiton with Interstates


There will be a charge for printing maps due to the use of time and supplies that are involved. 

Map Fees:
8 1/2 X 11-$1.00
11 X 17-$2.00
17 X 22 to 22 X 34-$5.00
32 X 40-$10.00
Road Map-No Charge

Digital Layer Fees:
10 ft. contours-$50.00
5ft. contours-$50.00
Road centerlines-$50.00
*Other layers include layers such as the voting districts, voting precincts, town boundaries, county boundary, flood zone, floodway, school districts, road edge, water lines, sewer lines, zoning, airport zoning, enterprise zones, historic districts, etc. 
(Prices include time and materials involved with transferring the data, postage fees and supplies, and any other expense involved.)



For more information please contact:
Manuel Street, GIS Coordinator
121 Bagley Circle, Suite 112
Marion, VA  24354
 mapGoogle Map
Phone:  276-706-8321