Smyth County Recovery Court


The Smyth County Recovery Court is a Post Plea structure.  Each offender who agrees to participate in the program must plead guilty to the arresting charge(s).  Sentencing on the guilty plea will then be deferred pending successful completion of the Smyth County Recovery Court program.  The range of dispositions after successful completion/graduation includes the following:
·Dismissal of the original charge
·Reduction of the original charge to a misdemeanor
·No incarceration for the original charge, subject to any mandatory minimum sentence by the law.
The length of time it should take a participant to successfully complete Smyth County Recovery Court program is between twelve (12) and twenty-four (24) months, with the average length being 18 months.

Mission Statement

Smyth County Recovery Court seeks to reduce drug use and recidivism within the community by implementing a court-based program, that includes supervision, evaluation, treatment, and monitoring for its participants, with the goal of promoting productivity, development of potential, and a safer, healthier community.

Target Population

·Substance abusing offenders with pending charges before the Smyth County Circuit Court.
·Offenders with no prior convictions or pending charges of violent, sex or weapon offenses.
·Offenders with no prior convictions or pending charges of distribution of Schedule I or II Controlled Substances.

eligibility criteria

Offenders Included
·A resident of Smyth County (consideration will be given to residents on Washington County line)
·May have a brief history of misdemeanor assault
·Age 18 or over at the time of sentencing or adjudicated as an adult
·Clinically evaluated to meet the DSM-V criteria for Substance Use Disorder with moderate to severe severity.
·Offenders with a co-occurring diagnosis of mental illness are reviewed for enrollment on an individual basis (excluding unsuccessfully managed psychotic disorders)
Offenses Included
·Primarily drunk driven
·DUI 3rd Offense
·Forgery and Uttering
·Most property crimes
Additional Criteria
·Verification of a working landline telephone at the approved residence
·Verification that cohabitation issues, if applicable, have been resolved, has reliable transportation

disqualification criteria

Offenders Excluded:
·Violent offender history
·Prior weapons offender
·Prior sex offender
·Offenders with unsuccessfully manage psychotic disorders
·Offenders with chronic medical problems being treated with addictive medications
·Offenders with medical problems that would preclude them from actively and regularly participating in all parts of the Smyth County Recovery Court program.
Offenses Excludes:
·Conspiracy to sell drugs
·Violent offenses
·Weapons offenses
·Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling
·Sex offenses
·Offenses considered Category I and II Offenses as defined by the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission



Smyth County Recovery Court Referral & Eligibility Form

For more information, please contact:

Michelle Ward, Coordinator 


Dane Evans, Case Manager

Address Smyth County Courthouse Hours Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
109 West Main Street, Suite 2115
Marion, VA  24354 directions The Recovery Court Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Smyth County Courthouse.
phone Phone:  276-706-8656 map Google Map